Dear users,

Based on your feedback, we were able to bring new features and simplify some Dashboard pages. Check out what's new below:

Interval to open orders (same currency)

Set an interval in hours for the bot to open orders. Example, if the bot has opened an order now, it can open another one in 2 hours (even if its strategy is favorable). You can decide whether to apply this range for all orders or only orders in the same currency.

Sell by Risk/Reward

In Sell by Risk/Reward, the set value will always be X times the stop loss value. For example: If the bot places its stop loss at 5% and you have set a multiplier of 3, then your target will be 15% (3x the stop loss value). If you have defined the 2x multiplier then your target will be 10% (2x the stop loss value).

Stop Loss in the Previous Bottom

The user defines a candle and a period, the bot will search for the previous fund closest to the entry it makes, within the defined period.

For more details, visit the following article:

Navigation menu in the Operations form

It is now easier to create/manage your operation, all fields are grouped in the navigation menu:

Strategy form

In the strategy form, the indicators are visible in the left corner of the page: