We inform that in the early hours of Tuesday (02/02/2021), between 00:00 and 04:00, a scheduled maintenance will be carried out on the system, for this reason, we inform that on the date and time mentioned, the platform will be temporarily unavailable.

In this update, we will add the multiple strategy function, where it will be possible to analyze up to 3 strategies in a single operation, according to your plan. Because of this, open orders that have the "Sell by Strategy" option enabled, will automatically be placed on hold and will have a fixed gain percentage of 25% (after the update, it will be possible to edit the order and place the sell strategy again).

  • During maintenance, the robot will be off.
  • Operations will be turned OFF automatically.
  • After maintenance, you will have to start your operation and choose the strategy again.
  • No strategy will be deleted from your strategy page.
  • All open orders will remain open, but during maintenance no orders will be opened / completed.
  • As stated above, open orders that are sell by strategy enabled, will be placed in HOLD and will have the fixed gain set at 25%.

Example of what the multiple strategy system will look like:

Analyzing the same strategy, but at different graphical times, prioritizing both, that is, it will only open/sell an order if both strategies give conditions.