Maintenance was completed successfully. Check out what's new and some procedures to get your robot back up and running:

- Multiple strategies have been added in the robot settings. According to your plan, you can select up to 4 strategies with different graphical times.

- The option "Secondary strategy" was reformulated, now it is part of the Multiple Strategies function, just add one more strategy that will automatically be the secondary.

- Open orders that had "Sale by Strategy" enabled, were automatically placed in HOLD and had a fixed gain set at 20%. On the website, it is possible to edit these orders and place the sale by strategy again.

- All operations have been turned OFF, it will be necessary to turn them back on.

- Before starting your operation, open the settings and choose the strategy. It will not be possible to start the operation without first defining a buystrategy.

These changes will be available in the app soon !!