We inform you that on Friday morning (02/26/2021), between 10 am and 12 pm, an update will be carried out on the system. In order to facilitate the management of the simulator, we decided to integrate it into the main Bottrex platform, reusing the most of the existing resources.

Check out the news below:

- You will no longer need to log into another account to manage the simulator

- Configure your simulator quickly with the option to import settings

- You can reuse your strategies used in the real account

- Button to delete orders from the simulator, this option will serve as a reset in the statistics.

The DEMO platform (https://demo.bottrex.net) will no longer receive updates and will be discontinued on 5/1/2021. Soon we will be offering an option to export your finalized orders from that platform. During this period, you will be able to continue accessing the DEMO website normally to consult your information, however the robot on that platform will no longer work. We recommend that you use the updated simulator from 02/26.