Connect your Bottrex account with the telegram app and manage your operations. With our official bot, you buy and sell directly from the telegram and receive notifications.


  • An active Bottrex account
  • A Telegram account

What you can do with the Telegram Bot:

  • List your open orders
  • List your completed orders
  • List your robot's performance
  • List your operations
  • List your robot's latest logs
  • Create a buy order
  • Sell an order
  • Turn off/on an operation
  • Pause buy orders
  • Place an order on hold
  • Cancel an open order

Configuring the Telegram Bot

Access your Bottrex account (, click on your Profile and then look for the Telegram Bot tab. When the page loads, just click the Enable BOT button and follow the instructions:

Read the pop-up instructions and click the Allow button.

You will be redirected to a telegram page, where you will have to send a message to our official bot with the access token. If you are using the desktop telegram, a pop-up will appear at the top of your browser, click on Open Telegram Desktop to continue with the procedure.

A secret chat with our bot will open in your telegram application. To confirm access, click on the START button. In the mobile application it will be exactly the same way. See the following screenshots:

After clicking on the start button, a success message will appear, informing you that your Bottrex account has been connected to the telegram application.

Okay, your account is connected to the telegram, now type / help to see the list of commands. If you want to see more information about a specific command, type /help <command_name> as shown in the example below:

Start by visualizing your robots with the /operations command and click on any of them to show more options: