1. Log into your Bottrex account and look for Subscriptions.

2. Choose the plan that fits your investor profile and click the Subscribe Now button.

3. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to use for payment. For example, Bitcoin.

4. Copy the address that was generated and the quantity calculated based on the current quote.

5. In this example, we are going to use Binance to make the transfer. Log into your Binance.com account and look for the Wallet option in the menu.

6. Click on the Fiat and Spot option.

6. Look for the Withdraw button in the upper right corner.

7. Now you need to paste the address and quantity into their respective fields. Don't forget to calculate the fee Binance charges on top of the amount you are sending, you need to send the EXACT amount that was requested in payment.

ATTENTION: Not all exchanges charge the rate of the amount that goes out, so it's always good to check your exchange's withdrawal rules.