Dear investors,

After many requests, we finally added the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) feature to Bottrex. DCA or also known as martingale and safe orders, is a strategy that buys back the currency whenever the price drops by a certain percentage, calculating an average price of the operation.

Activating DCA Manually

To activate DCA in a specific order, you can go to the Open Orders page and click the Edit button.

Then click on the Create DCA Order button.

A form will open for you to configure your DCA.

  • Order Size: Value that will be used when opening each DCA order.
  • Maximum open orders: Number of orders that can be created. For example, if you set 3, the robot can rebuy the asset 3 times.
  • Interval between each order: Select the interval for the robot to create the DCA order. For example 1 hour, the robot will create DCA order after 1 hour.
  • Percentage: Configure the drop percentage to trigger the DCA feature. When the average price falls by this percentage, a DCA order will be created.

In this example, the robot will buy back 15,00000000 USDT of LTC whenever the price drops 3.00% from the average purchase price, respecting the 1 hour interval and the maximum order quantity.

Automatic DCA

You can also enable automatic DCA in your trade, just go to the settings and click on the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) option. Note: If this option is enabled, all orders created will have DCA.