In this article you will learn how to configure the robot in your Kucoin account. Bottrex does not need your email or password to operate, never send your credentials. You just need to create an API and enter the trading permissions.

Creating an API Key

To create an API access your Kucoin account, click on your profile and then on API Management, after that click on the Create API button, as shown in the image above.


Put a name you want and create a strong phrase for this API (DO NOT USE YOUR PASSWORD, CREATE A DIFFERENT EXCLUSIVE PHRASE FOR THIS API).


After that, two keys will be created (Key and Secret), it is very important that you save them somewhere safe, together with your phrase created on the previous screen, because we will use them in the robot settings.

Do not forget to move your funds to the trading account, if using Bitcoin, choose BTC and click on TRANSFER:


Adding your API Key in the robot settings

Go to the Bottrex website and look for the Operations menu.

Click on the Add Operation button on the right of your screen.

When the page loads, click the Exchange and API option and paste the two keys you copied into the form fields.

After that you will have to make the complete configuration of your bot, choosing the strategies, currencies you want to trade and even the profit percentage. Not sure how each option works?

See the tutorial we prepared for you: