To create an operation, access your dashboard and click on the Operations menu, then look for the Add operation button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then click on the Create bot button, as shown in the image:


Configuring the bot

The form is divided by category, each category has fields that must be filled out according to your investor profile. See below how each option works:

General settings

  • Start operation: Turn on your operation.
  • Name: Give your operation a name, for example: Main Robot.
  • Comments: Optional field to make your comments.

Exchange and API

  • Exchange: choose the exchange you want to operate with your robot.
  • API Key: place the API Key that you created in your exchange.
  • Secret API: put the Secret API that you created in your exchange.


  • Buy notification: receive an email/push every time the robot opens an order.
  • Sell notification: receive an email/push every time an order is completed.

Buy Settings

  • Limit of open orders: number of simultaneous orders that will remain open. This is NOT a monthly order limit, your robot will be able to make as many orders as you want, but always respecting the open order limit.
  • One order per currency: the robot will create only 1 order per currency, when that order is finalized, it will be able to open another order for the same currency, but always respecting the limit of 1 order for each selected currency.
  • Pause buy orders: If this option is enabled, the robot will not create buy orders, but will continue to analyze your open orders.
  • Pause the Bitcoin drop: When Bitcoin is falling the robot will be able to pause your buy orders automatically.
  • Interval for opening orders: Set an interval in hours for the robot to open orders. Example, if the robot has opened an order now, it will open another one in 2 hours (even if its strategy is favorable).

Coins and quantity

  • Parity: Base currency used to open orders. For example, I want the robot to use my Bitcoin balance to buy altcoins.
  • Currencies: Choose the currencies you want to trade, the limit of selected currencies is according to your contracted plan.
  • Value: Value that will be used when opening orders. Example: I have a balance of 100 USDT and I want to open 2 orders, so my value will be 50 USDT.
  • Type of allocated balance: determine if you want to use a percentage or amount, if it is a percentage, the robot can use, for example, 50% of your balance.


  • Strategy: create a buy strategy and choose in your operation to open orders (learn more).
  • Candle: choose a graphical time (candle) for the robot to analyze along with its strategy.

Sell Settings

  • Sell ​​by Percentage of Gain: Choose the percentage of gain you want to obtain for each order, after the robot creates the buy order, it will automatically post the sales order on the exchange with this defined percentage
  • Sale by Risk / Reward: In the sale by Risk / Reward, the set value will always be X times the stop loss value. For example: If the bot puts your stop loss at 5% and you have set a multiplier of 3, then your target will be 15% (3x the stop loss value). If you have defined the 2x multiplier then your target will be 10% (2x the stop loss value). Note: Do not forget to activate the stop loss to use this function.
  • Selling by Strategy: When activated, the robot can sell its order if the selected strategy allows, and can sell on profit or loss.

Trailing Stop

  • Trailing Stop: When this option is activated, Bottrex will monitor the rise in the currency price TRYING to get the maximum result possible, but it DOES NOT guarantee any profit (learn more).
  • Trailing Stop by Pivot: The user defines a period and a graphical time. The robot will check if there was a break in the previous top, confirming if the maximum of the current candle exceeded the maximum of the last candles. (know more).

Stop Loss

  • Stop Loss: When activated you must choose a LOSS percentage, if the currency price is BELOW that percentage, the robot will create the sales order. This is NOT a fixed percentage of loss. It is worth mentioning that the percentage is calculated on the buy price.
  • Stop Loss in the Previous Fund: The user defines a chart time and a period. The bot will search for the previous fund closest to the entry you make, within the defined period (learn more).