With the allocated balance, you determine an amount for Bottrex to use when opening orders. To help you understand better, see the following example:

Let's suppose I have a balance of 1 BTC in my exchange (Binance) and I want the robot to use only half of that balance, so the bot would only use 0.5 BTC to create orders.

The amount field determines the amount that will be spent on opening each order, this amount must be less than the allocated balance.

Are you getting this message?

The total in open orders excepeds your allocated balance

It means that the total of your open orders + the value of your operation exceeds the allocated balance, for example, you have two orders of 0.5 BTC and an allocated balance of 1.0 BTC, the value of your operation is 0.5 BTC, so the total sum it would be 1.5 this value exceeds 1.0 which is your defined balance. To resolve this, you either increase the allocated balance or wait for an order to be completed to "free up" space for new orders.