How Trailing Stop works?

Trailing Stop is a tool whose objective is to maximize the result of a given operation. This tool follows the market development in real time and as the asset price goes up, your robot will automatically adjust the stop.

Basically you set a activation percentage, Bottrex monitors the currency price, and if the price reaches the defined percentage, the trailing stop will be triggered. As the currency price goes up, your stop will be adjusted, if the price were to fall, your order will be sold.


Our Trailing Stop is designed to be fully customizable, you define the trigger and increase percentages.

Easy To Use

With just 2 parameters, you can configure your trailing stop without complications. Bottrex takes care of doing all the repetitive work

The most used tool

In the trading world, there are several tools that can help us maximize our potential profits. Trailing Stop has become the main tool used by traders.

Trailing Stop by Pivot

A more advanced version of Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop by Pivot checks for a top break and places a stop on the closest previous bottom according to your defined settings.

And in practice how does it work?

Let's cite an example, let's say you've bought BTC/USDT worth $40,000 and set your trailing stop at 5 for 2, ie activation percentage at 5% and increase percentage at 2%. When the currency price reaches a 5% appreciation, ie the price has reached $42,000, its trailing stop will be triggered and the stop price will be $41,160 (5 - 2 = 3%). So whenever the currency appreciates 2%, Bottrex will increase your stop gain by 2%.