When you create a trade, it may take some time for the robot to open an order, as it depends on the market, defined settings and chosen strategy. We recommend that you have a little patience, we know that the market is very volatile and the strategy may not be favorable at the moment for Bottrex to make the entries. We also recommend that you check the following steps:

  • Check if open orders have exceeded the limit set in the trade.
  • Check if your allocated balance is above the total invested in open orders.
  • Check if the option "pause purchases" is activated (if it is activated the robot will not open orders).
  • Check that your operation has the status ON.
  • Make sure your subscription is activated.
  • Check the informational logs to see what actions the robot is performing under your account.

There are two types of logs, the first one shows the ERRORS that happen in your account and the second one displays INFORMATION messages, these messages can be found on the Logs page. We have separated some of them for you to understand better:


Informational Logs

Analyzing the strategy for this currency:

Just a message stating that the robot is analyzing its strategy in the chosen currency and after the analysis it informs if the strategy allowed or not to open orders.

The STANDARD indicator is not allowing buy order:

The indicator (STANDARD or any other chosen) did not allow entry, that is, your strategy understands that now is not the right time to buy.

No indicator is allowing buy order:

His entire strategy was analyzed and no indicator of his strategy allowed the opening of orders (patience is the key to success).

Checking allocated balance:

Robot is checking if the total invested in open orders exceeds its balance allocated in the settings. (what is allocated balance?)

The total in open orders excepeds your allocated balance:

The total invested in open orders exceeds your allocated balance, try to increase this balance in your operation settings.

Open orders limit exceeded:

The total number of open orders exceeds your limit in the configuration. For example, if you have a limit of 5 orders and you already have 5 orders open then you will no longer be able to open orders. Try to increase your limit or wait for the current orders to be finalized.

Allocated balance is OK:

The robot did not use all of its allocated balance when opening orders, this is just a confirmation message after verification. That is, after that he will check your strategy.

This currency already has an open order (1 order per currency).

If you have defined that you want to open only 1 order per currency then this message may appear, if it is in your list of open orders.

Price of the currency fell below the trailing stop, placing sell order:

This message usually appears for those who use the Trailing Stop feature. Basically the currency price is below its stop gain, so the robot can prepare to launch the sales order at any time.

Failed to place sell/buy order

An error occurred when trying to create the order, in which case you should check the error logs that are usually on the page https://bottrex.net/painel/logs.

Checking the possibility of activating trailing stop

When the currency price reaches the percentage you set at your trailing stop and stays up for a few minutes, then Bottrex is getting ready to activate the Trailing Stop.

Trailing stop activated successfully

It only confirms that your order has had the Trailing Stop activated successfully (this usually happens after the purchase has been completed and the currency price reaches its settings).

Insufficient BTC balance

Your balance for opening orders is insufficient. Perhaps the value of your transaction is greater than your balance. If using HitBTC make sure to move your balance to the trading account.