Signals are indications of cryptocurrencies with information about the purchase price and targets for the sale. These signals are sent by technical analysts looking for new opportunities in the market. For example, channel X publishes a BTC/USDT signal and informs the possible targets that this signal can reach, subscribers will receive the signal directly on their robot and Bottrex will be able to create buy/sell orders automatically, always based on the settings for each subscriber.

To see all available channels, click on the following link:

Requirements for receiving signals

  • Have an active subscription on Bottrex
  • Be subscribed to the channel you want to receive signals

Example of a signal being triggered:

Example of signal results:

If you want to see all the results of each channel, access the link and click on the telegram button for a specific channel.


The signals listed are not provided by Bottrex, but by external channel consultants. Bottrex only integrates the channels on the platform, so it will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to the use of these external signals.