With Bottrex, you can easily develop your own trading strategies and set them up to run automatically on your favorite exchange. Our strategy manager is simple and very easy to use. Combine several indicators and choose whether your strategy is to buy or sell. It is possible to create a maximum of 100 strategies and you can still reuse them in other areas of the platform.

What indicators are available?

  • ADX - Average Directional Index
  • AROON - Aroon
  • ATR - Average True Range
  • BBANDS - Bollinger Bands
  • BCR - Bottrex Candlestick Reversal
  • CCI - Commodity Channel Index
  • DEMA - Double Exponential Moving Average
  • EMA - Exponential Moving Average
  • HMA - Hull Moving Average
  • KAMA - Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average
  • MACD - Moving Average Convergence / Divergence
  • MFI - Money Flow Index
  • OBV - On Balance Volume
  • RSI - Relative Strength Index
  • SAR - Parabolic SAR
  • SMA - Simple Moving Average
  • STANDARD - Standard
  • STOCH - Stochastic Oscillator
  • STOCHRSI - Stochastic RSI
  • TEMA - Triple Exponential Moving Average
  • TRIX - Triple Exponential Average
  • WILLR - Williams %R
  • WMA - Weighted Moving Average


Creating a strategy

1. Log into your Bottrex account and look for Strategies in the menu.

2. On the next page, click the Add Strategy button.

3. On the left you will find the list of available indicators. Choose the indicator you want to configure and enter the parameters in the form on the right. In this example, we created a strategy with the RSI indicator, which will be favorable whenever the RSI is below the value 30, in period 14.

ATTENTION: This strategy was used only to exemplify the article and does NOT guarantee any profit, use it at your own risk.